- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

An Adventure To Remember With Hot Steaming Action

Everyone who knows me well has always told me I had the weirdest possible tastes when it came to sex. I never thought that, but I do have to admit that my tastes tend to go past the usual boring vanilla sex. I always liked the sense of danger and the ability to always experience something new in the bedroom. As time went by, it was harder and harder to keep up with my own appetites, so it was only a matter of time before I had to step it up a notch and revamp my sex life.

The first step to greatness

It all happened very unexpectedly. While I was looking through a few online dating websites, to pick out my next adventure with a mature woman, my parents reached out to me and asked me to come over for dinner. This was normally something I could never turn down, so even if I did have bigger plans in mind, I promised I would be there. Although I wasn’t particularly looking forward to letting a whole day slip by without any action to look forward to, it also meant that I would get to see my hot sister-in-law ...

Coming Out Of The Closet Into A Glorious World

Being gay in a small community like mine was pretty much like living in hell. I was always expected to hide my sexual preference because other people saw it as a deviance. It was extremely hard to find someone like-minded and willing to say it out loud. There were times when I wished I could be straight, just so I couldn’t have to go through the trouble of trying to find a partner. I was just about to accept the fact that I might have to move before I can try pursuing my interests, when I realized there are ways for me to get what I want.

Dating apps were a no go

Although there were plenty of those dating apps to try out, they were ultimately not safe enough. You never knew just what you could expect. I was disappointed after a few dates and decided that they just weren’t worth my time anymore. I didn’t know what else to do and I was getting to a pretty desperate point where I would give anything, and I mean literally anything to feel a guy’s hairy cock lodged deep inside of me.

I asked the Internet ...

Once, Twice, Threesome And Ladies – How I Made A Dream Come True

There’s no secret in admitting that you may crave some of the sexual encounters that aren’t exactly traditional. It only makes sense – everyone has different tastes and affinities. I am no different than that. While some people are way out there, when it comes to weird fetishes and tastes, I have to admit I am somewhat of a simpleton. What makes a normal, average Joe like me get off? Group sex! Threesomes! Gangbangs! Bukkake! Pretty much everything that involves a girl getting the life fucked out of her by several guys gets me off.

I thought it wasn’t possible

For a long time, the concept of a threesome was merely a fantasy to me. Sure, you see it on porn videos, where people are paid to do it, regardless of whether they enjoy it or not. Then you could read about it in all of those fanfictions and erotic stories written by some horny teens looking for some action. But none of that was real enough to make me say ‘Whoa that really hits the spot!’ I assumed that it would have been possible somehow. But how does it work? Do you meet two girls and just ...

You Could Have Awesome Times With A Mature Woman

If there is one thing everyone knows about me, it’s that I always enjoyed the company of older women. I always considered it just a funny habit I carried over from my childhood. As a kid, my mom would always have her friends sitting around, and the habit of feeling comfortable next to a bunch of older ladies carried over. What many people didn’t know about me was that I enjoyed their company way past greetings and small talk. Oh yes, I enjoyed their company deep into the bedroom. Older chicks rule!

Older women just have something

There’s a part of the experience that can’t be explained. They just know their stuff and probably about a hundred different tricks and moves in bed no young airhead could ever give you. I saw that the first time I looked up mature videos on porno tumblr. They fuck differently than younger broads. They know what they are doing, and even when there’s a guy fucking her, what he doesn’t actually realize is that she is fucking him, because she is way too much more experienced.

My first time was a gem

My very first time ever ...

I Loved My Very First Happy Ending Experience

On my first visit to Thailand, everybody told me to expect lady boys and massages with a happy ending. I thought they were just being funny in trying to make me believe in the stereotypes that didn’t necessarily apply to all of Thailand, but once I made my way to Bangkok, and the longer I spent time there, I was beginning to realize that the stereotypes were more than just that – they were actually very true. This was a refreshing change, as I didn’t expect something like this to actually be true. I was a little too scared to go and test out if it was really the way they say it was, but I was also curious.

I had to find out if it was true

My curiosity finally got the better of me, so I decided to stop by one of those massage parlors and book myself a massage. Let me tell you, they didn’t even try to hide the fact that blowjob does go around in there. It said so right there, on the sign. I don’t know if that was a way for them to charge you more, or a way to ...