- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

3 important steps to make a lady have an orgasm

Hi there buddy. All guys dream about making a lady all wet and eventually giving her a big fat orgasm like the porn stars do. Even though porn movies seem a little lavish, you too can make your chick have an orgasm. All you have to do is to follow these five simple steps.

1.Don’t be a lazy ass when it comes to the foreplay

Any becoming man feels like he hasn’t to do anything for a chick and he deserves all the pleasure from the sexual act. This is a very wrong habit! A woman who feels important for you will make any of your dreams come true. So if you want to be a real gentleman take some time for the foreplay, undress her nice and slow and touch her nice and hard to make her feel in your possession. Kiss her neck and blow warm air to her ears until she’s having goose bumps. After that continue kissing her body until you reach her sweet nipples. Squeeze her tits and make them feel important, then start kissing and licking her nipples until they are poking out. Keep kissing her body down low and ...

I wanna be a PORN Star

I always had in my mind this question: What would be like if I could make a porn movie?! Or what would be like if I would go to a casting and have some fun in front of the camera with some nasty guys?! I like sex very much and I have sex anytime I want, but I really need to do something new, to show to somebody how much I like it and express myself in that way. A few days per week I come home from my work and after I’m having a shower or if I hang out with my friends I sit in front of my laptop and load my favorite porn site where are posted different types of gay movies for all kind of gays: twinks, bukkake, bears, old, big cocks, interracial and so on. I like them all because I like diversity and I like to try all kind of things.

Last week I had a free day and I have searched on the internet after I have jerked off on a movie with a black guy posted on a gay porn tube, about gay castings and I watched some of ...

Let’s talk about Porn

Everyone knows the meaning of the word porn, but what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard it? Probably you think about the online videos and photos. And this is what I want to talk about today. In fact inside the world wide web you can find a lot of porn videos and photos, but are you sure that you know which are the best keywords that you can use for? Let’s discover them together! Keep reading!

Let’s start with the first keyword, with which you can find hundreds, thousands or maybe millions videos: Amateur. This word categorizes all that videos that are made by no-professional actresses and actors, who record themselves during the most passional and hard moments. The quality of the material that you can find with the “Amateur” keyword is various. A lot of videos, in fact, are made with low cost cameras, so it could be hard to find something with a high definition quality. The second keyword is “Teen”. A lot of different videos and photos are linked to this keyword, however in each one of these, is at least a 18-19 years old, teenager girl. Obviously It ...