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Red zone of sexuality

You Could Have Awesome Times With A Mature Woman

If there is one thing everyone knows about me, it’s that I always enjoyed the company of older women. I always considered it just a funny habit I carried over from my childhood. As a kid, my mom would always have her friends sitting around, and the habit of feeling comfortable next to a bunch of older ladies carried over. What many people didn’t know about me was that I enjoyed their company way past greetings and small talk. Oh yes, I enjoyed their company deep into the bedroom. Older chicks rule!

Older women just have something

There’s a part of the experience that can’t be explained. They just know their stuff and probably about a hundred different tricks and moves in bed no young airhead could ever give you. I saw that the first time I looked up mature videos on porno tumblr. They fuck differently than younger broads. They know what they are doing, and even when there’s a guy fucking her, what he doesn’t actually realize is that she is fucking him, because she is way too much more experienced.

My first time was a gem

My very first time ever with a mature lady was ten years ago. I saw her at a club and I remember thinking to myself that women of her age usually don’t go clubbing. She was there alone. No friends or anything like that. Being the smooth operator I am, I approached her and offered a drink. She happily accepted and paid for the next round. She didn’t look like it, but she could certainly knock back a Jägerbomb or two.

It led to an interesting change to my life

The more time I spent around her, the more I realized that I found her attractive. She didn’t take any convincing when I asked her to go back to my place. As soon as she got undressed, she told me she had a confession to make. A little surprised by this turn of events, I asked what it was. She told me that she decided to come back with me on a dare. Some of her cougar friends talked her into going to a club, picking up a guy and filming herself in action. So the action started, i pulled out my big dick and went deeply into her.

I was never happier in my life

I’ve never, and I mean NEVER met a woman who wanted to do this. Most of them thought it was disgraceful and deviant to do. She gave me the blowjob of my life and the whole action ended up with a happy ending.  She was the first one to ever bring it up to me. I was so surprised at the fact that she was so blunt and forward about it. She showed me the uploaded video and that’s all I needed to see, before I knew what I wanted. If you take a look at the site, you are going to find amazing videos with the kind of real sex you’ve never had a chance to see before. And who knows, if you go through the mature amateur porn category for long enough, you might even run into a few of my own creations. If there’s one thing I can tell you, then it should be that you are going to love every single minute of it!