- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

Wishing for a Massage Therapist to Fuck Me the Eva Notty Way

Just the other way I got a glimpse at a great clip featuring the alluring and exotic Eva Notty. It was a short clip on one of these free porn online sites, so I had to dig deep to find a better version. In the clip, Eva was playing a masseur that was attending a couple played by a random girl and Jordi. If you know your porn, you probably know who this guy is. He's this little baby-faced guy with a massive dick that only rival guys like Danny D.

The clip started at the moment when the guy's girlfriend falls asleep during the massage. The naughty masseuse takes this chance to give the boyfriend a deluxe treatment. She tells the guy to be quiet as she slips the towel down his legs, exposing a huge, throbbing boner. Eva is not a time wasters, she begins to suck that cock right there and stroke it like there is no tomorrow. Jordi can't stop staring at her massive tits, so she removes her top, and pulls out those amazing big tits of her for him to suck on those perky nipples like a newborn.  

As the clip advances, she gets more aggressive by putting the face of Jordi between her tits and feed a mouthful of them to him until he suffocates. Since she is in stealth mode because the random girlfriend it's as their side sleeping, she makes no noises when she pulls down her pants and crawls on top of Jordi. She slides his massive dong inside of her dripping pussy to ride it cowgirl style. She is so rough that she lets out a scream, but the random girl doesn't notice at all, so she keeps pounding until she floods his balls with her squirting pussy.  

Eva Notty Fucking – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

After cumming, Eva Notty still wanted more because that's what cougars do. These older women have the sexual appetite of a 14-year old teenager, and somehow the energy to back it up. She makes Jordi take a stand, and she gets on all fours to get pounded from behind. The sight was terrific; Eva was fully showing me her juicy ass, so plump and firm that you could bounce a quarter off of it if you wanted. She also seemed to love fucking doggie style. If Jordi ever gave her pause, she would be the one moving her hips to keep his cock buried at her pussy. 

Nearly at the end of it, she switched positions again, and she laid her back on the table as Jordi kept pounding her pussy for good until he made a mess of her insides by letting out a massive creampie. The girlfriend finally woke up, but it all seemed normal to her, Jordi was laying on his table facing down while hiding his boner and Eva still buck naked squirting every single drop of cum out of his dick. It was glorious and a sight to behold. I hope you get a good wank out of it if you manage to track it down!