- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

The Most Amazing Sexual Encounter of My Life

Threesomes are easily the most mythical sexual act among men. It is something like the G spot. You heard about it, you know that it can bring immense pleasure to your partner, but you don’t really know if it exists and where it would be. The same principle applies here. Every single guy has imagined taking two girls at once and it made him ejaculates in his pants on multiple occasions. I want to tell you right now, that it’s possible. It’s not easy to pull off, and you probably shouldn’t do it with women you’re friends with, but it is very possible.

Threesomes are the new sex standard

I always wondered if every single threesome porn video out there was scripted. You know, some girls are raised to believe that you should be very traditional when it comes to sex. One partner, one position, one orgasm and that’s as interesting as sex gets for them. The problem is, you need to be more open-minded about it. There are a ton of girls out there just looking for this kind of an experience and it’s not all scripted in pornography either. The first time I realized that there was more to porn, was when a friend of mine sent me a link that took me to a homemade porn website.

I got an amazing idea

Not only did I see what true sex really looks like, but I noticed that you can sign up as a user. You weren’t limited to only liking and commenting on other videos you stumble upon, you could actually upload your own videos for other users to see. It didn’t take a lot, just an email address and the desired username and I was ready to go. I think I knew exactly what I wanted to film. I wanted to make and produce my very own threesome porn for the world to see and enjoy.

It was very easy to set up

Another quick Internet search help me found the two girls were more than willing to try this out, and even though we were strangers, we decided to go for a night out. Maybe a few drinks would get them loosened up enough to go through with the whole thing. I never told them that there was a hidden camera installed in my room, just for this purpose. I thought that the chances would be small that they would actually find a video after I uploaded it. So we went through with it, it was a little sloppy. Guys, satisfying to women takes major stamina. But I did it, I soldiered through it all and it was one of the best nights in my life.

It’s the most amazing thing ever

It didn’t end up being too awkward after. Dave and exchange phone numbers with me and agreed to meet up every now and again to do this, so it’s needless to say that my profile is full of videos you can enjoy. Just let loose and go after your own! Threesomes are perfectly gettable and it’s one of the things you definitely have to do at least once in your entire life.