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Red zone of sexuality Bringing you sexual fantasies and kinks into reality

Ever since I saw Kim Kardashian sex tape my sexual life was turned upside down. My desire for a little bit of adventure and taking bold risk heightened. This heightened desires led me into the amazing world of free amateur porn; there was something about filming yourself while having sex, the crazy energy I couldn't get enough of it. After a while there was a shift from just watching and turn it into a reality, I vowed to myself to convince my partner and finally get to experience how it would feel taking that bold risk.

It was tough at first

My partner was very reserved when it came to sex; she was the missionary type of girl. Approaching her was always going to be a bit tough, I finally gained enough courage and opened up to her on some of the ways we could spice up our sex life and make it bold and adventurous.

She was really cold and dismissive at first, my hopes of were dashed of ever getting to make an amateur sex tape. However, she said she would think about it.

Boring summer night

After getting home from work, my girlfriend was already at home. There was an air of excitement she was particularly jovial, and I could not think of anything that could make her happy. After dinner, she excused herself and went upstairs. A few minutes later she called out my name, looking up what I saw it was totally unexpected, there she was looking like a goddess.

Was I dreaming I could not believe it, at the back of my mind I knew this was going to be one hell of a night. 

Fantasy turning into a reality

When I entered the bedroom, where she was lying on the bed looking like a goddamn porn star. She had everything ready the camera set up, her dirty maid costume ready for the taking. At first, she was a little bit scared at first in front of the camera but she grew into it. It was everything that I expected that was the first time that both of us had ever made an amateur porn.    

The energy in the room was something else, it was fun and crazy and afterward, we just sat there like a couple of satisfied animals.

Life changing sexual experience

Am still baffled as to what changed her mind, did her sexual appetite increase? Or did I force her to change our sex life? Whatever it was I couldn't complain. Till date, we have made numerous sex videos our sex life has changed for the better and more satisfying than ever before.

We role play to spice everything up and I couldn't be more than happier, occasionally we watch our collection a few time a week and just marvel on how good we've got. We usually joke that if we ever became jobless we could shift to the porn business.

Taking it up a notch 

For both of us, we have become more open and adventurous, we have moved further from just filming ourselves to exploring even to homemade anal porn that was surprising a testament of how far we’ve come. Fore playing and oral sex have become an integral part of our sexual life. We now do extensive research on ways we can make our love life even more amazing venturing into learning different sexual styles.

We decided to upload some videos anonymously to the internet and let’s just say the response we got was just mind-boggling. It’s truly amazing how far we’ve come as a couple. Let’s just say Kamasutra have nothing on us.