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Red zone of sexuality

My Indian Neighbor and How I got hooked to Indian Pornstars Because of Her

Hello, my name is Mark. I’m a student in the last year of college of someplace I rather keep private. I wanted to share this story with you since it’s what led me to this website. The mind is an incredible thing and once we get a fixation on something is pretty hard to let it go, especially if it was something good. In my last semester in the college dorms, an Indian student moved next to me, her name was Rekha, and I don’t think I will be able to forget her ever because she made my dick hard from the first second I saw her.

It all started the night I came home after a long day in the lab. I made a fool of myself because I forgot the keys and I was too tired to go back and retrieve them. She heard me sitting at my door and offered a pillow, that was the first time I noticed her beauty. Rekha was very shy at first, that’s why she didn’t invite me to spend the night with her. I mean, I wasn’t expecting her to, but I understood since she was from a different culture. After taking a nap in the hallway for two hours, I went back and got my keys.

Next morning I’m going out, and I find Rekah going to her classes. Man, she looked beautiful in that saree. It was a tight fit on her, and it showed her curves. She had a figure to rival most Indian pornstars. I allowed myself to be distracted by her figure for a whole five seconds until she opened her mouth and spoke: “I’m sorry for not offering you to stay, can I treat you breakfast?” I was taken aback, she spoke so softly, her voice was like silk going through my ears “Sure, no problem” I replied.

Rekah and I hit it off that morning, she was actually pretty laid back and conversational, but she was still bound to some of her family customs. She told me that once her studies where done, she had to return to India and fulfill some family obligation by marrying some guy. I was doing my best to be open-minded and avoid making a fuss about it. She touched my hands a couple of times, and that was enough to get me going, she was that beautiful.  

Near the end of the semester Rekha went to my room and told me how her parents made life difficult for her because they considered her too liberal. She said to me that to that date she barely managed to kiss a couple of guys on campus. That’s when things got pretty intense.  Rekha stopped talking and got very close to me. She ditched the saree in a minute, and she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her whole body was glorious on my eyes.

Rekha gave me a passionate kiss and whispered to my ear to “make her free” and after that, she will make me cum. The message was very cryptic for me, but my hands knew what to do. I made love to her for nearly a week and almost lost a couple of grades because I became addicted to her. When I came to Rekha on the last day of the semester, she was gone. She didn’t leave any way for me to reach her and for social media it’s like she had never existed. I don’t know if I “freed her,” but she certainly made me an addict to Indian sex videos. I wonder if I will ever see her again!