- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality


For the longest of times, I’ve been looking for the perfect man. I could find quite a few that fit my tastes perfectly when it came to dating, but none of them came even close in the bedroom. The guys I’ve been seeing were just so… Vanilla that I thought I would never find someone I would be compatible with. When it came to sex, I needed more than just your average wham bam under the sheets, someone who can be like a pornstar in bed. I was into things I was ashamed of admitting to anyone, so I often didn’t get my chance to express myself sexually.

It wasn’t easy to stop craving

I thought that if I suppressed my weird urges for long enough, eventually, they would just wear off and I wouldn’t have to worry about any more issues in the bedroom with another man. The problem was, the more I pushed it back and tried to deny it, the more of a burning desire I felt to be completely wrecked, destroyed and stretched by a big black cock on camera. I don’t know if it was a thought of a guy who was hung like a horse and having him completely tear me apart, or the thought of someone else across the globe looking at the hot action and shooting his load, but that was my lifelong fantasy and I never had the guts to bring it up.

Porn didn’t help too much

I would occasionally find temporary peace by watching porno gay webcams and looking at videos and pics with a guy being completely dominated by a big black cock. I tried imagining that it’s me instead of whoever was moaning and stretching on the screen and it would help me cum, but it would just never be enough to see it happen. I had to experience it and I had to find someone who would be able to hook me up with my fantasy scenario. That wasn’t easy work and I knew that it was risky to even consider something like that. I was desperate, and I had to try, even if it meant people judging me for all eternity. I just had to take the bold, first step.

Finally, I found my dream

After another lonely night jerking off to some video about hardcore sex, I noticed that this website was slightly different than the most of them. I could join this one as a member, but not to pay the membership fees to watch the videos. The only reason I would join, would be to post videos or pics of my own. I double checked, just to make sure that this wasn’t a clickbait offer or a scam of some kind, but it looked perfectly real and well presented. With my heart racing and thumping, I typed in my credentials and my e-mail address, and ten minutes later I had my very own account. I was skeptical about uploading anything on there at first, but I tried uploading a vid of myself jerking off and it helped me meet a few guys that happened to be into the same stuff I am. I don’t know if I’ll ever find my gorgeous, black prince, but I sure met a few well-hung guys.