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Legendary Indian Pornstars to Die For

Indian porn had its humble beginnings. However, on the back of Indian pornstars, it evolved into an entire industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Here we look at some of the most famous pornstars in India in 2018.


Even though that Leah is 29 she can easily pass as a teen. Born and raised in the UK she rocks some of the hottest boobs in India. Not to mention that super-hot tattoo on her hip that shouts come and play with me. All in all, a superb hottie that has one of the most potent sexual libidos on screen.


Shazia's movies are legendary and she loved threesome. Her career in the porn industry may be short-lived, but her legacy is everlasting. Probably one of the best-shaped asses in the industry and the breasts to die for. Thankfully all of her performances are preserved, and her work will remain with us. Hopefully, one of these days she will come out of retirement and treat us with another magical performance.


Speaking of perfection and femme fatale, here is the one and only Sunny Leone. What to say about a true legend that has one of the best bodies in the entire porn industry, but also knows how to perform in front of a camera. And yes, she has plenty of adult awards behind her name and tons of great porn movies.


Sahara is what you would call a late bloomer. She came in the porn industry in her early 30s, but she made an immediate splash with her superb performances. She starred in over 50 movies and gave hundreds of interviews. She might not have the breasts as Sunny Leone, but everything else is pretty much spot on.


Nadia become a star in the 90s when she got the nickname "the princess of cream." She was known for giving incredible blowjobs that are well documented in over a hundred movies. Even after all those years, her movies rank as one of the best in the Indian porn industry.


Priya was born in New Delhi but raised in Arizona, US. She started as a dancer and transitioned into the porn industry. Her curvy waist, voluptuous boobs, the super healthy appetite for sex, and her incredible squirting ability made her what she is. A true legend in the porn industry.


The fact that she is born in Britain didn't stop her from becoming one of the most demanded adult performers in India. Her curvaceous body and insatiable temper made destiny super popular on every porn site that ever hosted Indian porn movies. Plus, she has movies in almost any genre in the porn industry. They don't get kinkier and dirtier than her. She is one of the naughtiest ones, and she seems that enjoy that a lot.


There are a dozen or more adult actresses that could be added to this list. Some of them can be even considered more beautiful, and some have more movies. However, the ones here are the ones that had the biggest impact on porn in India.