- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

How my interview turned into a whirlwind of a mind-blowing sexual experience

Sex at public places or work is always an exhilarating and adrenaline rushing experience. Never in my life had I thought that I would get to experience life. I had always jerked off to xxx video online especially office secretary videos. There something about their short skirt and low-cut shirts and tops that gets me going. It was always my fantasy, and I didn't know I would encounter an amazing woman that would change my life forever.

Mature Women are just Special

I had an interview that Monday morning in some big shot corporation in the city, that morning I woke up very early and headed out, on reaching the office I was ushered in by a 30-something-year-old secretary.

I was really stunned I wasn't expecting to find someone like her, she was really hot, nice boobs and an amazing ass. As I sat down, I could not stop staring at her, her high-waisted skirt that had her brown thighs in full view. She caught me plenty of time downright staring at her and all she did was smile at me.

Taking a little bit of risk

I was so smitten by her I could not think about anything else, after the interview I gathered enough courage and went to talk to her. I asked her when she was getting off work; she was courteous and friendly she even revealed to me that she had seen my huge boner      

I was embarrassed on hearing that, but she told me she was actually impressed by the size of my cock. At that moment I was ready to risk it all for this big booty secretary, we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet later.

A beautiful encounter to remember

I was at my place when I had my phone beeping. Guess who the text was from? It was the secretary I met earlier, on reading she said she was naked in the bathtub stroking herself and all she could think of was my big black cock. I was bewildered, we talked dirty a bit then she gave me her address.

The thought of smashing her ran on my mind the entire time I was in the taxi when I reached her place she was waiting for me by the gate, and she was looking like a movie star. All she had was a bathroom rob, and I could see her clearly accentuated figure and that ass I was going to eat that night.

Our first time was special

She was very straightforward and knew what she wanted, after a few drinks she was very aroused, she reached over unzipped my pants and began stroking my cock. I have never felt so much glorious, wait for it the best was to come.

She bent down and gave me one of the most amazing blowjobs I have ever had and I have had quite a few so that says a lot about this lady. Having sex with a mature woman is so different the lead you to a whole new world.

They know exactly what they want and how they want it done, in a way she was the one fucking me. It was a welcoming change being fucked and treated so sensually.

Our encounter blossomed into a beautiful arrangement.

Luckily I got the job, imagine my excitement getting to see her every day, I was very attracted to her. We made this arrangement of being fuck buddies we were both cool with that, the spontaneity was something I loved the most. If office restrooms could talk, ours in the office had seen a lot of action.