- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

Coming Out Of The Closet Into A Glorious World

Being gay in a small community like mine was pretty much like living in hell. I was always expected to hide my sexual preference because other people saw it as a deviance. It was extremely hard to find someone like-minded and willing to say it out loud. There were times when I wished I could be straight, just so I couldn’t have to go through the trouble of trying to find a partner. I was just about to accept the fact that I might have to move before I can try pursuing my interests, when I realized there are ways for me to get what I want.

Dating apps were a no go

Although there were plenty of those dating apps to try out, they were ultimately not safe enough. You never knew just what you could expect. I was disappointed after a few dates and decided that they just weren’t worth my time anymore. I didn’t know what else to do and I was getting to a pretty desperate point where I would give anything, and I mean literally anything to feel a guy’s hairy cock lodged deep inside of me.

I asked the Internet

Porn was merely a way to pass time in anticipation. If there was one thing I could always find online, it was a great amount of gay videos to feast my eyes on. I was pretty into it for a while and it helped me satisfy some of my urges, but at the end of the day, I always knew that it wasn’t going to be as good as the real thing. With that in mind, I kept searching for the perfect website to keep my attention for long enough. I still didn’t know what to do and how to meet a guy of my dreams, so I finally went to some of the online forums, asking for help.

I couldn’t help but check it out

It wasn’t the ideal setting, but at the time I really had no choice. I was expecting to be shunned online as well. My question was very well received and there were a lot of helpful comments. One of them really stood out. Rather than suggesting different ways to meet guys, the user simply pointed me to another website. That was enough to spark my interest and before I knew it, I was already browsing through porno gay videos, to see how this was going to help me. After creating a user profile, it all became clear to me.

I met a guy nearby!

This website was actually offering homemade videos by real people! They weren’t getting paid to do it and they certainly weren’t one of those gay for pay actors. These were real gay men, some of them even living in my area! I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw it, so naturally I had to go ahead and try and contact one of them. I was still thinking that it was some kind of a trick, but I met a guy from my neighborhood! It took no time to arrange a date and he was absolutely gorgeous! Just like his videos, we are now five months into getting wild and crazy together and i feel like a porn star.