- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

3 important steps to make a lady have an orgasm

Hi there buddy. All guys dream about making a lady all wet and eventually giving her a big fat orgasm like the porn stars do. Even though porn movies seem a little lavish, you too can make your chick have an orgasm. All you have to do is to follow these five simple steps.

1.Don’t be a lazy ass when it comes to the foreplay

Any becoming man feels like he hasn’t to do anything for a chick and he deserves all the pleasure from the sexual act. This is a very wrong habit! A woman who feels important for you will make any of your dreams come true. So if you want to be a real gentleman take some time for the foreplay, undress her nice and slow and touch her nice and hard to make her feel in your possession. Kiss her neck and blow warm air to her ears until she’s having goose bumps. After that continue kissing her body until you reach her sweet nipples. Squeeze her tits and make them feel important, then start kissing and licking her nipples until they are poking out. Keep kissing her body down low and that leads us to the step 2.

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2.Don’t be afraid to give her some tongue play

Nothing makes a chick having an orgasm faster than some pussy licking. Treat her pussy with respect and don’t be shy to explore it with your tongue. Lick her clit nice and hard and use round moves with your tongue to spoil it. If she starts getting wet, try to stick one finger inside her pussy and massage her nice and slow from the inside while you’re giving her pussy a taste. If you’re a dirty one and her body hygiene is impeccable, you should taste her asshole also, that will make her even more aroused. Even though you can make her cum using your tongue, you have to know that a vaginal orgasm is 100 times more intense than a clit orgasm.

3.Penetrate her nice and slow and try to anticipate her desires

We have to presume that your dick is hard and ready and her vagina is already nice and wet because you’ve followed steps 1 and 2. Now what you have to do is start kissing with passion while you’re holding your cock with your hand and guiding it to her pussy. When you’re on the spot penetrate her nice and slow and feel every inch of her sweet vagina from the inside. Now you’re going to confront one of two cases, or even both of them.

  1. Your chick loves hard sex  orgasm to a lady

In this case, you have to take control of her and dominate her like a real man. She has to feel that you have the guts to own her and you have to fuck her hard and deep just the way she loves it. She needs to feel a big cock deep inside her pussy and you’ll have to pound her hard and fast until she is going to cum.  You will know when that time comes because she’s going to scream like crazy.

  1. Your chick loves tenderly sex

In this case what you have to do is to make love to her. Any stupid guy can fuck and cum but only the most real guys know how to make love to a lady. In this case, you have to give her all your love anytime you penetrate her. She has to feel the love pounding her at the same time your cock does. The connection between you will be so strong that in no time she will reach the climax. This, in my opinion, is the sweetest orgasm a lady can have.