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Red zone of sexuality

7 Reasons Why Amateur Porn Is Best

Amateur porn videos make a big chunk of all porn searches online. It seems that people can’t get enough of this genre. And there are quite a few reasons why so many people love amateur porn videos. Here are just ten of the many reasons why people love this type of videos.

#1 Authenticity

Professional porn videos are great, but they lack the authenticity we all like to see. On the other hand, real threesome amateur videos are an authentic presentation of sex. There is nothing fake, no cheesy lines, no ridiculous plots, no acting.  

#2 Relatable

The people that appear in amateur videos are ordinary folks that simply like to spice up their sex life by recording themselves. That makes them quite relatable to everyone else. They are not trained actors, nor do they care what any critic would say about their performance. Before anyone else, they are their own audience. The decision to show their video to the public usually comes way later. In a way, that’s part of their sexual excitement.

#3 Real orgasms

Every orgasm is real, not acted. Many of the people made their sex videos for their own use, not to be ...

The Subtle Art of Finding Great Free Gay Porn

Finding free gay porn is the same as anything else online. Type the words in any search engines and you will find plenty of free gay porn online.  However, to find the best free gay films is not just about typing that or big cocks in your favorite search engines. To find the best ones you need to know what you are doing and how to do it. The following guide will lead you through the process that will help you find the best gay porn on the web.

Mainstream porn websites offer mediocre gay films

Just because they have a gay category it doesn’t mean that they have great content. And we all know who the big names are in the online porn industry. The thing is that they don’t spend too much effort or money on creating content for gay people. They all have the classics, but often nothing more than that. So, just because they have a few big cocks in their gay category it doesn’t make them the perfect place for searching great gay content.

XXX websites with gay subcategories

If an XXX website has a gay subcategory it means that they care ...

Nine Amazing Facts About Porn Watching Habbits In India

MMS XXX, Indian teen sex, Sunny Leone sex videos, and Indian sex videos are just some of the terms people in India use to find porn online. Porn in India is popular as in most countries with affordable access to the internet. However, India is a country with a culture of its own. As a result, Indian people have their own porn watching habits. There aren’t some huge differences compared to westerners, not like in Japan. But, India’s porn watching habits are somewhat unique. Here are the most interesting ones:

#1 Sunny Leone is the most popular pornstar in India.

No surprises there. The second and third most popular adult actresses in India are Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann.

#2 Most Indians like to watch porn on their phones

Again, that’s a trend that is seen in almost any part of the world with free access to porn. Well over 60% of Indian people watching porn are using their smartphones, 37% use their desktop, and only 4% via a tablet.

#3 Peak hours for porn viewers

According to some data, peak hours for porn viewers in India are:

  • During weekdays (6AM-7AM) in the morning and (10 AM ...

How I Came to Enjoy Gay Porn with the Quiet Guy at Work

This is a story about self-discovery and how being stood up led to the time of my life. I’m a pretty good-looking guy, I also got a pretty big cock and I never had any problem getting girls, even if my features are kind of soft at times. Not looking like your average manly man had made me very popular in some circles and I was totally ok with it. Over the last couple of years, I started to hang out with Malcolm, who is the polar opposite of what I look like: he was tall, muscular and rough. We hit it off as friends even if he’s a little too loud at times he mostly keeps to himself on personal matters.

Almost two weeks ago I was awarded this special prize in my job for fulfilling the sales goals of the month. Since the award was a trip to this Asian-Themed spa, I asked Karen to come with me, and she was game for it. When the date of the trip arrived I get this call from Karen just 3 hours before leaving, and she told me she couldn’t make it because a family matter had ...

You Need a Change in Your Life, Even in porn

We feel owners of our destiny, and yet we make so little with our lives. Change is something good, being open to other things is the best thing we can do to gain awareness about the world that surrounds us. Changing everything on us begins even with simpler stuff like watching porn. Take a minute and search your internet history. You probably still get off to the same boring old American films where women who look like plastics dolls are fucking fake big dicks for what seems to be an endless loop. Have you ever tried going out of your comfort zone? I bet you haven’t.

The mind-Boggling Sweetness of Indian Porn

Ethnicity is the word when it comes to the different flavors you can find in porn. I tried myself some Indian porn not so long ago, and I got hooked to it. Desi girl keeps it real when it comes to their sex scenes or their live shows, plus they get you off by putting on some damn good shows where you can get a peep to their naked bodies in all their glory. Everyone thinks that NRI sex can be pretty tame, but no one realizes ...