- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

How I Came to Enjoy Gay Porn with the Quiet Guy at Work

This is a story about self-discovery and how being stood up led to the time of my life. I’m a pretty good-looking guy, I also got a pretty big cock and I never had any problem getting girls, even if my features are kind of soft at times. Not looking like your average manly man had made me very popular in some circles and I was totally ok with it. Over the last couple of years, I started to hang out with Malcolm, who is the polar opposite of what I look like: he was tall, muscular and rough. We hit it off as friends even if he’s a little too loud at times he mostly keeps to himself on personal matters.

Almost two weeks ago I was awarded this special prize in my job for fulfilling the sales goals of the month. Since the award was a trip to this Asian-Themed spa, I asked Karen to come with me, and she was game for it. When the date of the trip arrived I get this call from Karen just 3 hours before leaving, and she told me she couldn’t make it because a family matter had ...

You Need a Change in Your Life, Even in porn

We feel owners of our destiny, and yet we make so little with our lives. Change is something good, being open to other things is the best thing we can do to gain awareness about the world that surrounds us. Changing everything on us begins even with simpler stuff like watching porn. Take a minute and search your internet history. You probably still get off to the same boring old American films where women who look like plastics dolls are fucking fake big dicks for what seems to be an endless loop. Have you ever tried going out of your comfort zone? I bet you haven’t.

The mind-Boggling Sweetness of Indian Porn

Ethnicity is the word when it comes to the different flavors you can find in porn. I tried myself some Indian porn not so long ago, and I got hooked to it. Desi girl keeps it real when it comes to their sex scenes or their live shows, plus they get you off by putting on some damn good shows where you can get a peep to their naked bodies in all their glory. Everyone thinks that NRI sex can be pretty tame, but no one realizes ...

This How My Clumsiness Landed me the Biggest Porn Freak I have ever Met

Hey, what’s up? My name is Ryan, and this is one of the most exceptional experiences I’ve had when it comes to porn, life and every good thing you can find in between them. It all started at the local mall. I hang with a group of pals from time to time, and we go out to take a peek on girls and have some fun with them and of course to cum. It goes without saying that whoever scores a number is the one who wins the day.

One evening we were about to go our separate ways as usual when I stumbled on this beautiful girl around my age and made a fool of myself by making her trip real bad. One hospital visit later and she’s all patched up, and I’m taking her home. She told me she was called Mary. After excusing myself with her folks, I asked her if it was ok to visit the next day and she said yes. I guess me being attentive to her situation didn’t make me a total prick on her eyes.

I went to work the other day and nearly forget I had ...

How our Homemade Porn Lead to the Best Threesome we ever Had

Hi there! We are a couple of girls who love to do live cam shows from time to time. It gets us excited to show our naughty bits to men all over the world and the liberation it brings to share such intimacy on sites offering free homemade porn. Our story here has to do with how we got our neighbor involved in one of our streams. We’ll call ourselves Cassie and Jean for the sake of the story, all right? Not get reading!

Jean and I live as roommates in a suitable apartment, but the buildings are very narrow, and we can see and hear most of what our neighbors do most of the time. It turns out that in the building right next to us, there is this sweet guy that leads his life like clockwork. Every day he sits down at 6:00 pm on his computer to work on something and he always masturbates after he’s done at 8:00 pm. While he does have drapes on it, the angle of the window allows Jean and me to peep on him every day.

One day clockwork guy didn’t come to his computer at ...

My Indian Neighbor and How I got hooked to Indian Pornstars Because of Her

Hello, my name is Mark. I’m a student in the last year of college of someplace I rather keep private. I wanted to share this story with you since it’s what led me to this website. The mind is an incredible thing and once we get a fixation on something is pretty hard to let it go, especially if it was something good. In my last semester in the college dorms, an Indian student moved next to me, her name was Rekha, and I don’t think I will be able to forget her ever because she made my dick hard from the first second I saw her.

It all started the night I came home after a long day in the lab. I made a fool of myself because I forgot the keys and I was too tired to go back and retrieve them. She heard me sitting at my door and offered a pillow, that was the first time I noticed her beauty. Rekha was very shy at first, that’s why she didn’t invite me to spend the night with her. I mean, I wasn’t expecting her to, but I understood since she ...