- Red zone of sexuality

Red zone of sexuality

You Could Have Awesome Times With A Mature Woman

If there is one thing everyone knows about me, it’s that I always enjoyed the company of older women. I always considered it just a funny habit I carried over from my childhood. As a kid, my mom would always have her friends sitting around, and the habit of feeling comfortable next to a bunch of older ladies carried over. What many people didn’t know about me was that I enjoyed their company way past greetings and small talk. Oh yes, I enjoyed their company deep into the bedroom. Older chicks rule!

Older women just have something

There’s a part of the experience that can’t be explained. They just know their stuff and probably about a hundred different tricks and moves in bed no young airhead could ever give you. I saw that the first time I looked up mature videos on porno tumblr. They fuck differently than younger broads. They know what they are doing, and even when there’s a guy fucking her, what he doesn’t actually realize is that she is fucking him, because she is way too much more experienced.

My first time was a gem

My very first time ever ...

I Loved My Very First Happy Ending Experience

On my first visit to Thailand, everybody told me to expect lady boys and massages with a happy ending. I thought they were just being funny in trying to make me believe in the stereotypes that didn’t necessarily apply to all of Thailand, but once I made my way to Bangkok, and the longer I spent time there, I was beginning to realize that the stereotypes were more than just that – they were actually very true. This was a refreshing change, as I didn’t expect something like this to actually be true. I was a little too scared to go and test out if it was really the way they say it was, but I was also curious.

I had to find out if it was true

My curiosity finally got the better of me, so I decided to stop by one of those massage parlors and book myself a massage. Let me tell you, they didn’t even try to hide the fact that blowjob does go around in there. It said so right there, on the sign. I don’t know if that was a way for them to charge you more, or a way to ...

I Found the Best Thing to Happen To Porn since Whipped Cream

I’ve always had a thing for porn. I don’t know if it was because I couldn’t find a long-term girlfriend, or because I just preferred the convenience of hot sex in a matter of a few mouse clicks, all I know is that I somehow always preferred porn to the real thing. As a self-proclaimed porn-connoisseur, I had an acquired taste. For me, porn had to be as good, and as close to the real thing as it can possibly get.

I have a lot of websites under my belt

Naturally, I spent years skimming through the websites, idling on one for a few weeks and then soon dropping it for the next big thing, but somehow, I was never able to find quite what I was into. All of the major sites had one thing in common. Paid subscriptions.  I’ve graduated from free porn websites some time ago, because I realized quickly that all they offered was a quick thrill, and a sloppy one at that. Bad resolution, terrible camera shots and blurry picture were all so common. I just couldn’t get immersed enough to get myself off. I needed more, so I moved ...


For the longest of times, I’ve been looking for the perfect man. I could find quite a few that fit my tastes perfectly when it came to dating, but none of them came even close in the bedroom. The guys I’ve been seeing were just so… Vanilla that I thought I would never find someone I would be compatible with. When it came to sex, I needed more than just your average wham bam under the sheets, someone who can be like a pornstar in bed. I was into things I was ashamed of admitting to anyone, so I often didn’t get my chance to express myself sexually.

It wasn’t easy to stop craving

I thought that if I suppressed my weird urges for long enough, eventually, they would just wear off and I wouldn’t have to worry about any more issues in the bedroom with another man. The problem was, the more I pushed it back and tried to deny it, the more of a burning desire I felt to be completely wrecked, destroyed and stretched by a big black cock on camera. I don’t know if it was a thought of a ...

The Most Amazing Sexual Encounter of My Life

Threesomes are easily the most mythical sexual act among men. It is something like the G spot. You heard about it, you know that it can bring immense pleasure to your partner, but you don’t really know if it exists and where it would be. The same principle applies here. Every single guy has imagined taking two girls at once and it made him ejaculates in his pants on multiple occasions. I want to tell you right now, that it’s possible. It’s not easy to pull off, and you probably shouldn’t do it with women you’re friends with, but it is very possible.

Threesomes are the new sex standard

I always wondered if every single threesome porn video out there was scripted. You know, some girls are raised to believe that you should be very traditional when it comes to sex. One partner, one position, one orgasm and that’s as interesting as sex gets for them. The problem is, you need to be more open-minded about it. There are a ton of girls out there just looking for this kind of an experience and it’s not all scripted in pornography either. The first ...